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Degrees Explained

Types of Degrees

What are Foundation Degrees?

A Foundation degree is one which is awarded on successful completion of Level 4 and Level 5, whether you study it over two years or four years. Our Foundation degrees are validated by our university partner, the University of Gloucestershire.

Foundation degree isn’t the same as a full “Bachelor’s” degree (which comprises levels 4, 5, and 6).

At UCWISE we offer a wide range of subjects as Foundation degrees, and many of them also offer the opportunity to “top up” to a full Bachelor’s degree by adding one more year, specifically at Level 6. This is what’s known as a 2+1 model, which offers you the choice of completing your studies at Level 5 and coming out with a good qualification, or of continuing to Level 6 and doing an extra year to complete a full Bachelor’s degree. Level 6 programmes are not available part-time.

What are Bachelor's Degrees

A Bachelor’s degree comprises a full programme of study from Level 4, through Level 5, to Level 6. You can build to a Bachelor’s from a Foundation degree (see above). Some of our Bachelor’s programmes are only offered full-time, which means that you will study for a full three years across levels 4, 5, and 6, and achieve a BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) in your subject.

We also offer one “accelerated” Bachelor’s programme in Sport, which allows you to study all of the content of a BSc (Hons) through Levels 4, 5, and 6, in just two years, rather than three. This programme is intensive and the accelerated pace is achieved by reducing the holidays and increasing the workload consistently across the two-year programme.

How can you choose which programme suits you?

No one can tell you how to do this, but we can think of some useful points to consider, such as:

At UCWISE we have careers advisers who can help you to plan your next steps. Many of our programmes have work placements, or significant elements of industry-standard practice, so that you can complete your studies with us ready and qualified for whatever you want to do next in life.