Why Bristol?

Bristolian [bɹɪsˈtəʊliən] (noun)
1.  a person from the City of Bristol, England, often known to bring a warm presence into a room unintentionally. - The Urban Dictionary

Bristol, it's been voted the best!

Today, Bristol is a buzzing, multicultural university city of almost half a million people. Unique, vibrant and diverse, there are at least 45 religions, 187 countries of birth and 91 foreign first languages spoken here.

Bristol is also home to more than 54,000 students and has one of the highest graduate-retention rates in the UK – that’s because once you have experienced living in Bristol, you won’t want to leave.

Bristol has so much to offer - from arts and sport, to nightlife and green spaces - and has received dozens of lifestyle and travel destination awards. The student experience in Bristol is about so much more than just studying.  
Bristol Harbour
Bristol Old Vic

Most Artistic City: Music, Film, Theatre, Art

Bristol was named Most Artistic City in the UK in a survey by Premier Inn, which considered the number of museums, theatres, live music gigs and street art in each of the UK’s major cities. From Spike Island to the Old Vic Theatre, from the Thekla to Nelson Street, students in Bristol can experience some of the best music, art and theatre that the UK has to offer.  

Bristol has nurtured amazing talent across the arts, producing some the UK’s most successful artists. Damien Hirst, anyone?

And of course, there’s Banksy. His street art is amongst the most recognised in the world; his ‘Show Me the Monet’ Painting was sold at Sotheby’s in October for £7.5 million, but you can take a walking tour of Bristol and see loads of original Banksy works in their true habitat – the streets of Bristol – for free!

Bristol is a city that truly cultivates creativity. No wonder it was named one of Europe’s top cultural and creative cities in a 2019 report by the EU – or that it came third in the UK out of 190 European cities!

Green City: Wild West

Bristol is a green city, with over four hundred parks and public gardens. It was the firstUK city to be awarded European Green Capital (in 2015) and two years later it was named the UK’s Most Environmentally Friendly City.

From April to September, ‘park life’ is an essential part of Bristol living - across age, economic and cultural boundaries, Bristolians will be found basking anywhere green as soon as the warm weather emerges, from Eastville Park to the Downs, from Stoke Park to Ashton Court.

It’s not all tranquillity and calm in Bristol’s green spaces - Ashton Court Estate is host to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, the largest and oldest hot air balloon festival in the world! It is one of the most magnificent events in the Bristol calendar, a real must-see for students and natives alike. And the best thing about it? It’s completely free!
Bristol Cathedral and College Green

The 4,000 people who move here from the South East every year, the students who stay on here, the born and bred Bristolians who never leave, are not motivated to make Bristol their home because we have a great Starbucks or a tasty Nando’s, it’s because of the indescribable quality that is the very fabric of Bristol.

Nicola Beech
Cabinet Minister
St Nicholas Market

Foodie City

The culinary delights of Bristol can be savoured no matter your palette, budget or dietary restriction - there is something for everyone. Bristol is host to five Michelin starred restaurants, and there are dozens of award-winning cafés and restaurants across the city.

Bristol was named World Vegan Capital by foodie website Chef’s Pencil, but there is plenty for meat-eaters to enjoy too.

Each week, St Nicholas Market in the centre of the city offers up fresh, delicious and budget-friendly food from falafels to BBQ, from Chinese dumplings to pie and mash, Indian curries, Italian dishes and so much more. The food there is amazing and can take your tastebuds on a world tour!

There are also dozens of food festivals throughout the year to enjoy too including the Cider vs Cheese tasting festival, Bristol Jollof Competition, Smoke & Fire Festival, The Gin & Rum Festival, the Harbourside Festival, Bristol Vegan Festival and so many others. It’s no wonder Bristol was crowned the Best Culinary Destination in the World Food Travel Association: Food Trekking Awards 2019!

Sports City

It’s a “game of two halves” - this well-known adage to describe the beautiful game could just as easily have been talking about the passionate red-blue divide that bisects the city of Bristol. Home to Rovers in north Bristol, and City in the south, the two grounds provide fertile territory for sports lovers. And all year round, both grounds host events and matches outside the football season, including Bristol Rugby and various charity football, rugby and cricket matches.

Ashton Gate Stadium, the Bristol City home ground, hosted a huge Summer Concert Season in 2019, which saw Muse, Rod Stewart, Spice Girls and Take That play to audiences of more than 30,000.
Bristol Sport Complex (Bristol City, Bristol Flyers and Bristol Bears)