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BA (Hons) Acting & Touring Theatre

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We are no longer accepting applications to start this course in September 2022. Applications for a 2023 start open in September.
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The Bristol Institute of Performing Arts' emphasis on learning and training through practice offers an environment in which you will be able to take creative risks. You'll explore and nurture your skills to become leading artists, directors, theatre-makers, and performers that are responsive to the creative and entertainment industries. Through this innovative and rigorous three-year practical BA (Hons) degree in Acting and Touring Theatre, you will put your training into practice through an array of live briefs, theatrical productions, and immersive experiences.

The Modern Performer

You will develop technical skills through our practical classes, experimenting with innovative approaches to acting and theatre-making. Through structured exploration, you'll build skills in storytelling, text analysis, character development, improvisation, vocal and physical performance skills alongside the curation, design, and logistics of producing resident and touring theatre. Workshops with industry professionals will develop your professional network and future employment opportunities.Throughout the course you'll put your skills and training into action, this could be in one of our thirty in-house productions produced each year or a touring piece curated for an external venue or festival. Towards the end of your training, significant focus will be on your creative potential, stepping off-campus and into venues ensuring you're prepared for your transition into the industry.

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Physical Theatre Skills

The actor’s main tools are their body, voice and imagination. This module aims to support you to understand how to develop these different areas and protect your creative assets, through effective rehearsal and preparatory techniques. You will also develop awareness of how these individual assets can be extended through the use of physical theatre skills.

50% Display, Show or Performance
50% Display, Show or Performance
Modern and Contemporary Texts

This module provides an overview of the key artistic and theatrical responses to social, political and cultural changes since the beginning of the 20th century. Through study of actors, practitioners, and their ideological contexts, you will develop your understanding of the influence of political and artistic thought on theatre practice.

60% Practical
40% Practical
Performance for Young Audiences

During this module you will explore and develop skills to interpret and create a piece of performance for a specific age group. In addition to this you will devise and lead a workshop that explores the techniques, themes and methods used to create their show. By doing this you will gain a deeper understanding of the material as well as the vast range of methodologies and approaches to creating performance.

70% Practical
30% Assignment
Actor Training

This module uses a variety of approaches to actor training, developing your skills of voice, movement and characterisation and applying them to a range of texts which require a psychologically realistic performance. This module will introduce you to a range of historical and contemporary actor training techniques through practical and theoretical exploration of the pedagogies of key practitioners. Physical, vocal and imaginative training will be the core aspect of this module as you develop the skills needed to be a good performer.

50% Show or Performance
50% Show or Performance

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3 Years
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6 Years
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University of Gloucestershire
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S55 - SGS College Group
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"You are always supported to improve your skills"

"Throughout the course, you are always supported in improving your skills and becoming a better performer. New challenges and projects strive to push you out of your comfort zone and try something new. At BIPA, you not only learn inside the classroom but can also learn on visits to different cities around the world such as New York and Amsterdam. Every show is created to a professional standard and makes students industry-ready."
BA (Hons) Acting & Touring Theatre