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Level 6 'Top-Up'

BA (Hons) Game Art & Production (Level 6)

*This programme is subject to validation
We are no longer accepting applications to start this course in September 2022. Applications for a 2023 start open in September.
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For the future you

If you have a passion for Computer Games Design and Game Art then this could be the degree for you. This BA (Hons) Game Art and Production 1 year Level 6 top-up programme, is taught from our WISE Campus in Bristol. Bring your ideas to life on the BA (Hons) Game Art & Production (1 year, Level 6, top-up), the final exciting step of our offering and an expansion to the long-standing provision for the video game industry, here at SGS.

Technical and Artistic

This innovative 3rd year of our degree level provision combine’s students from both technical and artistic disciplines, simulating a real-world studio environment. This forges a professional learning environment, in preparation for entering the creative industries, and develops outstanding communication skills, through an in-depth and understanding of different team members unique strengths. Through a combination of elective specialist lectures, to study, group and solo working experiences, students will gain an opportunity to master disciplines developed over the past two years and solidify what it means to work in the games industry.

Emergent Technologies

You will be taught in a high-specification environment, reflective of industry, giving them access to the current core industry tools and technologies, as well as an opportunity to engage with emergent technologies and practices. SGS is placed in the top 10% of all universities in the UK, for overall student degree satisfaction (NSS 2020) and has an excellent reputation for supporting the student journey.

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Dissertation/Major Research Project

The aim of this module is that you identify an area of practice, a practitioner or an equivalent negotiated site for research, closely relevant to your own area of practice, and of direct use to you in the progression of your own work. You will, through negotiation with your dissertation supervisor, identify a relevant topic of interest to you and undertake in-depth research on it to produce either: 1. A formal written dissertation of 6,000 words. OR 2. An identified research project that would lead to an outcome (e.g. a curated display, a blog, video or other digital presence) supported by a critical and evaluative text of 3,000 words. Each will be supported by an assessed 20 minute presentation of your preliminary research findings and progress (including a 5 minute question and answer session).

Presentation: 25%
Dissertation / Major Project: 75%
Final Project/ Dissertation: Dissertation Approach

You'll choose, with your supervisor, an appropriate topic of interest which you want to research. This will be directly relevant to your own area of practice and help you in progressing your own work and ambitions. You will produce a 10-minute assessed presentation of your research proposal, early in the module, and then write a formal dissertation (5800 words) OR create a practical research project such as a media production supported by a critical and evaluative text (2900 words). This module not only reflects industry practice, and prepares you for it, it enables you to create another item for your professional portfolio, which is ready for you to pitch to prospective clients or employers.

Presentation: 20% [10 minutes (plus 5 mins Q&A) or 1200 word equivalent]
Dissertation / Major Project: 80% [5800 words or 2900 words plus a practice-based outcome]
Specialist Subject Practices?

This is an exciting and forward-thinking module which will help you to prepare for a successful career in the gaming sector. You'll have opportunities to investigate issues relating to age, race, gender, identity, appearance and culture, with consideration on how these impact design ideas and product marketing. You will explore the various models of character, environment, narrative, and game design in light of target audience expectations and the ethical underpinning of game art, design, and development. As you research and explore these ideas you will be provided with opportunities to implement your design ideas within a relevant working context.

Assignment: 30% (2100 words or equivalent)
Portfolio: 70% (4900 words or equivalent)
Collaborative Development Project

This module provides an opportunity to collaborate with peers in a multi-disciplinary team, as you will in a professional working environment. Building on both interpersonal and technical skills, you will negotiate roles and create a production plan to develop an artefact, which will then form the basis for critical reflection. You will be presented with simulated industry or live briefs which will require professional consideration. An evaluative and reflective approach will enhance your experience and skills, helping prepare you for a productive and sustainable career. It is assessed by a portfolio and an individual presentation.

Portfolio: 70% (4900 words or equivalent)
Individual presentation: 30% (15 minutes or 2,100 words)
Professional Portfolio

The games industry and the wider creative sector are evolving rapidly, so planning a viable career path is essential to enable you to successfully navigate this increasingly complex professional environment. This module provides an opportunity for you to create your own professional portfolio, which will showcase your mastery of your chosen specialist skill set. We will explore ways in which practitioners position themselves in both commercial and non-commercial contexts. You�ll be able to focus on selecting and enhancing a specific specialism in the industry and contextualise it through an exploration of emerging practices. You will learn about effective planning, commissioning, funding and promotion of your work.

Presentation: 30% (15-minute presentation or 2100 words equivalent)
Portfolio: 70% (4900 words or equivalent)

Application Information

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Entry Requirements
Successful completion of a HND or Foundation degree in a relevant subject area.
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Full-time Fee (Per Year)
Full-time Duration (Per Year)
1 Year
Part-Time Fee (Per Year)
Part-Time Duration (Per Year)
2 Years
University Centre
Awarding/Validating University
University of Gloucestershire
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S55 - SGS College Group
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